You should make this.


This is Donald Link’s Braised Chicken with Salami and Olives. It’s one of the most delicious things we’ve eaten in a while. Make sure you serve it with lots of crusty bread – you’ll want to mop up every last bit of the intensely savory sauce.

I’m an Olive Adventurer!


I don’t usually post about brand partnerships here, but I have a longstanding love for olives, and when I was asked earlier this year by the folks at Lindsay Olives to contribute a couple of my original recipes to their Olive Adventurer series, I was happy to oblige. (I’m in excellent company, as you can see!)

You can get my recipes for Braised Escarole with White Beans and Olives, and Spaghettini alla Caponata (pictured above) over at Enjoy!