Dinner and a Movie

So after our big day yesterday (which you can now get a sneak peek at on Projo.com), I was eager to tuck into one of my husband‘s homemade pizzas for dinner. After our meat-heavy weekend, we elected to go for a vegetarian pie topped with a few fresh, seasonal goodies.

Mike dressed his standard crust with a layer of Amanda Hesser’s deliciously jammy roasted cherry tomatoes (from this food52 recipe), a blend of cheeses (including our favorite fresh mozz from Narragansett Creamery), and thin mandolined slices of zucchini.

Dinner: September 7, 2010

I gave the pizza a shower of freshly grated Pecorino Romano when it came out of the oven, along with a sprinkle of fresh marjoram leaves and a drizzle of Sicilian olive oil. The roasted tomatoes made for a delicious “sauce”, melting down even further into little orbs bursting with concentrated tomato flavor, and we loved how the paper-thin zucchini crisped and melded into the cheese.

The marjoram, too, was a welcome change from basil, with a deeper, earthier flavor to complement the more concentrated flavor of the roasted tomato “sauce”, a gentle reminder a that cooler weather and heartier fare are not too far away.


A Very Special Episode of LND

I’ve had a bunch of comments and inquiries about my egg poaching technique, so I asked Mike to shoot a video clip of me poaching eggs. Our first attempt was a hilarious mess, but our second effort produced good results, and I post it here for you, dear readers, in all its amateurish glory. (Please be kind.)

(Mike pointed out that at one point in the video I misspoke, saying “yolk” when I meant to say “white.” Just fyi.)

As for what went under the egg, it was a quick sort of “hash,” made with shallots, potatoes, shredded duck leg confit, smoked paprika and thyme – nothing fancy, just an easy mix of things we had on hand.

I spooned the hash over a bed of greens and topped it with the egg, finishing it with black pepper and some snipped chives – a simple and tasty meal.