veggie tales


For those of you who are wondering, our meat-lite(r) regimen is going pretty well so far.

homemade ricotta

This week was a little challenging, what with Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and a two-day loss of heat in our apartment building, but we still managed to find a good balance of foods that were hearty and comforting, while heavy on plant matter.

veg pizzas

stracciatella and jersey tomatoes

I made pizzas for the first time in ages using dough that Mike prepared in advance. One pie featured roasted broccoli, red onions, and fresh ricotta that Julian helped me make; the other a simple tomato sauce, stracchiatella (from Brucie, via Good Eggs), and piles of peppery arugula.


Lunches have mostly been bean & grain bowls, brightened up with pickled vegetables and hot sauce, and crowned with an egg or avocado or both.


Mike was inspired to warm our cold apartment by baking bread, these 4-hour baguettes, to be exact.


They were perfect with a smear of butter, as well as alongside this zippy Lemony Gumbo Z’Herbes – a light and lovely dish to celebrate Fat Tuesday (and to warm my belly at lunchtime on Wednesday).


I tried my hand at a Beet, Greens & Cheddar Crumble, which while tasty, could use some tweaking. We liked the dish enough to want to repeat it, though, and soon.


The highlight of this past week, however, was making Marcella’s lasagne for our Valentine’s Day dinner, and preparing it with my little kitchen helper.


I love that Julian is showing more and more interest in cooking with us, and I was delighted that he was so into helping me put together this meal in particular. Making a classic lasagne bolognese – from mixing and rolling out the fresh spinach pasta, to building the bolognese and bechamel sauces – is truly a labor of love, and I was so happy to share the experience with him.



He couldn’t wait for the finished dish, so I cut up a couple of our pasta sheets for him and tossed them with a little butter and cheese. He ate two bowls (!), giving me hope that this age 3 finickiness may be temporary after all. Here’s to the green stuff!

4 thoughts on “veggie tales

  1. Camille says:

    What a joy for you both to share this precious time together, fostering Julian’s creativity! He’s learning (& obviously enjoying) an important life skill so early & he will never forget these days!! Your & Mike’s love of wonderful, home-cooked meals is not only nourishing his body, it’s also nourishing his soul…..congratulations!!

  2. Christine says:

    The website looks so fresh! I’m excited for the day when my kid’s interest in cooking turns to actually cooking and less trying to hit the pots with his spoons or trying to turn on the flame. Seriously, cooking has lately been a challenge because for a 14 month old he’s way TOO into it. Although I do get a thrill out of the fact that his (and my pots) are his favorite toy and that he gets excited when he hears sizzling going on and wants to see what’s going on.

    We’ve been upping our bean game around here lately on the less meaty front since we got a pressure cooker – which is also nice because once I turn on the heat I can walk away and play with the kid and since I’m not there he actually leaves the stove alone too.

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