on a blanket in the park


…we lunched on cold meatloaf sandwiches, pimiento cheese and green goddess dressing with crackers and crunchy vegetables.


Julian ate two giant, juicy peaches, then ran around with his “brand new full-size soccer ball!” until his cheeks were red and his little legs all wobbly.


Mira rolled around on our blanket, watching the leaves above us rustling in the breeze and investigating blades of grass and fallen acorns, smiling and giggling, just taking it all in. This was the first of many picnics she has to look forward to.


Mike mixed us up a sipper of Campari (shhhh) and raspberry shrub, topped off with a little fizzy water – refreshing and low-octane.


A good time was had by all.

5 thoughts on “on a blanket in the park

  1. kosherkaryn says:

    Oh!! This is absolutely the very best and happiest post you have ever sent, ever, ever, so much better than even the most carefully prepared dinner you so carefully made and photographed. Oh!! The joy of family. So very happy for you and Mike and the little ones!!

  2. M2P says:

    So happy to see you posting again.. Your children are beautiful, and the picnic looks lovely!

  3. Margit Van Schaick says:

    This brings back wonderful memories from long ago, when my kiddos were little, like Mira and Julian are now. My hope is that you do this often, take lots of photos, and be sure that you are also in the picture (switch off who’s taking the photos with Mike). Wishing you much joy and happiness!

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