Now We Are Six

Homeward bound. #pretrial

Last Night’s Dinner turned six years old yesterday. I had entertained the idea of writing a special, celebratory post – six years does feel like something to celebrate, after all – but to be honest, I forgot until the evening, when the baby was finally down for the night, and I had a chance to sit and breathe and enjoy a little stillness.

The last few months have been a blur. We went right from the holidays (which for us, always extend into January, with birthdays and anniversaries and more), into a prolonged period of sickness, then straight into crazytime at my job. I’m preparing for two separate upcoming trials, which has meant long hours for me and even longer for Mike, at home with Julian. I’ve missed many bedtimes, and meals together have been scarce – home-cooked meals even moreso. And this busy period has only just begun.

In the middle of it all, my home life and and work life collided in a pretty unexpected way, and I found myself filing a trademark application related to my home here online. I never thought I’d have to do such a thing, but the whole process made me realize how much I appreciate this space, my own little space to talk about food and life and how they fit together, even if I haven’t had much time to do so lately. Looking back keeps me moving forward, as I know that just because I’m out of my kitchen now, and probably will be for some time, when I get back to it, it’ll be so sweet. Food is always best when it’s shared, I think.

So while I don’t have a new meal to share with you, I do want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the last six years to talk about food and life with me, and to share a place at our table. I hope to have a lot more for you soon.

8 thoughts on “Now We Are Six

  1. I remember when I “discovered” you – someone knew I was training for a Komen 3-Day and forwarded your post with a soup garnished with a pink ribbon – or was it a pink soup? Anyhow, it was very meaningful for me and I’m so glad you are still writing.

  2. alicia says:

    congratulations on your six years! i’m loving following along on your food adventures! your food looks so rustic and delicious. all about enjoying wonderful ingredients. i love that.

  3. Alice says:

    I’m soooo pleased you are back! Silly me hasn’t checked LND for along time & I’m so glad I did today. Julian is adorable! I’m so looking forward to cooking some of your scrumptious recipes, viewing the wonderful photos & hearing more about your life!
    Happy 6th! Alice

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