Old Friends and New Favorites

Scenes from a Saturday. #picstitch

This weekend, we made our first return visit to the big Saturday Greenmarket in Union Square since we moved back to New York. With Julian strapped into his carrier, we wove our way through the crowds, sidestepping little dogs and granny carts, selecting meats and produce for the week ahead. I wasn’t sure how our little guy would do surrounded by so many sights and sounds and people, but he seemed to really love the bustling market, smiling and babbling at anyone who met his eye.

wedge, minus bacon

We visited many of our old favorites, picking up Rocambole garlic and scapes from Keith’s Farm, shell peas and broccoli rabe from Migliorelli, baby back ribs and sweet Italian sausage from Flying Pigs, Cherry Lane tomatoes, Elk Trails bison, and ground mutton from 3-Corner Field Farm. But we were eager to try out some new-to-us vendors as well, and rounded out our market haul with a big, beautiful ribeye and a fresh whole chicken from Grazin’ Angus Acres.

Dinner: July 14, 2012

We treated both meats simply, searing the ribeye that night and serving it sliced alongside a crunchy wedge salad (minus the bacon, but with plenty of blue cheese studding a creamy homemade buttermilk dressing), and prepping the bird brick chicken-style.

Dinner: July 15, 2012

Mike put aside his usual method to try this version, seasoned with plenty of garlic scapes and lemon, and served with mashed potatoes and freshly shelled, buttered peas.

beef: it's what's for dinner

These two meals couldn’t have been simpler, more flavorful, or more satisfying, and while we are really looking forward to revisiting the familiar flavors of foods from our old favorite farms, we’re happy to have added a new one to the list.

4 thoughts on “Old Friends and New Favorites

  1. hudsonvalleylocal says:

    So great to see you mention Migliorelli! They’re local for me and I forget that they do markets outside Rhinebeck/Red Hook 🙂

  2. What a nice surprise to find a post from Last Night’s Dinner in my reader! I have missed your posts and can’t believe the baby is so big…congratulations! Can’t wait to follow along again.

  3. How I would love to see the revival of Last Night’s Dinner. It was too good to be retired.Could Julian’s eating be incorporated somehow, so it could all be in one place?

    Oh, yeah, that thing called time? Eek. I know. Just saying.

  4. Diana Kushner says:

    Hello Jen, We miss you in Providence… Your absence is palpable. But I am so glad to hear life in NYC is good. One of many former farmers, Diana

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