A sneak peek

pocket doors

into the living room

This is what has been keeping us so busy (and quiet) for the last several weeks.

third time's the charm

sink and cabinets

pantry shelves

We’re all in, as is all of our stuff (holy cow, we have a lot of stuff), and we’ve been slowly unpacking, sorting, and setting up house. It’s exhausting work (especially at about 6 months pregnant), but already we feel at home here.

prep area

the tiniest stove ever

I spent the bulk of this weekend finishing up in the kitchen, and while we’d like to add a few more things (floor mats, lighting, a cart or additional shelving near the stove) to make this a more comfortable space to cook in, I’ve been really happy with the flow of the space so far.

So welcome to our new digs. I can’t wait to get back to really cooking (especially now that our favorite farmers’ markets have started up for the season), and to share our meals here, too. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great summer.

13 thoughts on “A sneak peek

  1. Congratulations!🙂 We’re setting up our new place too (although we don’t have the gorgeous floors and rooms you have–we’re excited about having a dishwasher for the first time ever, in-unit washer/dryer and a huge balcony. Can’t wait to see more–and take it easy! From what I understand and have heard, entering the last trimester in the summer is…special.

  2. Heidi in NYC says:

    Love the new digs! Glad I checked in as I just moved as well.Where does all that stuff come from! haha!

  3. Kelly says:

    So beautiful Jen, I have a feeling you are all going to be happy here. Looking forward to hearing more as the summer goes on. Still wishing you, Mike and the baby all the best!

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