Coming in September

So this year’s big, newsy post was going to be all about how we had decided to move to a new city, to pursue new opportunities and go through the process of building a home and a community in a brand new place. DC was our goal, with plentiful job opportunities in our chosen fields, rich culture and history, a wonderful food and drink scene to explore, and most importantly, an abundance of friends and family near.

We had it all planned out, and we were starting to take the first small steps toward making this move happen. But then we encountered an unexpected bump.

Coming in September

And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Terrified, but thrilled.

As we like to joke, we pulled the goalie a long time ago; we had absolutely no reason to expect that we were going to become parents without some sort of intervention that neither of us was really willing to go through. And we were okay with that. Being a terrific aunt or uncle is nothing to scoff at, and I also like to think we’ve done all right caring for the feline members of our little family.

But now, if all continues to go well, that family will grow by one, come September. DC is still very much a goal for us, especially once the little one arrives, but for now, we’re staying put.

And we’re having a baby.


I’ll get back to the food here soon, I promise – after all, the eating I’m doing now is probably the most important eating I’ve done in my life, and I’d like to talk about it with you. I have a ton of questions and I suspect some of you may, too. I just wanted to share our news with you wonderful folks who have shared so much of our lives over the last four years here.

101 thoughts on “Coming in September

  1. Mazel Tov!! So happy for you and your husband and your belly! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be eating (for two) all summer long!

  2. Dale says:

    Jen– Congrats to you and Mike!! A little person has intervened to say, “Pishaw to your planning!” Now it’s time to live and just let life evolve. Cook for 2 and eat with the 3rd in mind. I can see the love you have for your niece…and I know your baby will change your world 😉 Love to you, Dale

  3. OK, that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. That is such great news! Really wonderful…congratulations. How exciting. I’m so happy for you guys…can’t wait to hear what you’re craving 🙂 Thanks for making my night!!

  4. Susan B. says:

    Congratulations to you both! How exciting! I would offer to share my last piece of Amanda Hesser’s chocolate dump it cake with you, but I’m too far away! All the best.

  5. Steph says:

    Congrats! This is so exciting and I’m thrilled for you both. So funny that your due date is the same as mine was last year. Please feel free to send questions my way; we were so terrified and clueless at first! Wonderful news; you will be fabulous parents.

  6. This is absolutely wonderful news! I have loved your blog so much for so long and just never expected that one day we’d get a post like this. My mind immediately jumped to all these wonderful posts we’ll be getting with baby news, cravings, etc. I don’t even know you and Mike, but I couldn’t be happier for both of you. All the best to you during this very special time.

  7. Laura Grace says:


    I guess it’s one of the nicer side effects of this Brave New World in which we live that this wonderful announcement from a virtual stranger whose kitchen-life I’ve followed for many a year actually made me bounce a little in my chair! Many congratulations and blessings!

  8. Kathryn says:

    I look every day waiting for a new post from you. It had been a while since you’ve posted and now I look and see Coming in September!!! I can’t stop crying because I am so happy for you. I wish nothing but the best for you, Mike and the little person growing inside of you. I am very excited for you Jennifer!! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

  9. Johanna says:

    MAZEL TOV!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!!! This is wonderful news, and I’m so sorry about the excessive punctuation, but holy goshdarn crap!!! 😀

  10. Leah says:

    I’ve followed your blog (which I adore) for two years now and never commented but this is too wonderful! Congratulations! I’m due with my second baby in September as well and can’t wait to see what will be cooking in the next eight months!!! 🙂

  11. oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god !!!! JEN i am SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU- can you tell????!!!!! congrats, mabrouk- all those wonderful things- may you have a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy my dear- inshallah, as we say! love shayma

  12. Toolprincess says:

    Congrats!!! I gave a little sqeeee!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the cravings. All the best to you and mike.

  13. Lauren says:

    I’m only a reader of your blog, but I am super excited for you! I can’t wait to follow your experience and I wish you all the best.

  14. Carrie says:

    I’ll join the ranks of following, non-commenters to say – this is the best dish you have ever cooked up! I will also join my fellow Washingtonians to say – we want you and your beautiful family here! Many, many congratulations!

  15. theresa says:

    oh my gosh! i just gasped and yelped and had to explain to my boyfriend–“Well, this blog I’ve been reading for a long time, this lady I really like–is having a baby! I’m so excited!” Congratulations to you both!!

  16. Congratulations to you Jen! That explains the sardines, I guess. What a wonderful year for you–that kids gonna have an amazing palate!

  17. Marci says:

    I’ve been following your blog religiously for two years, in quiet admiration. But now I can’t help but comment for the first time as I’m so very very happy for you and Mike! As someone else said, although many of us don’t know you personally, we feel close to you thanks to your lovely words, across which your emotions come across so wonderfully and authentically. Congratulations! Enjoy! And I can’t wait to follow your journey (especially as I’m also expecting a baby in a couple of months). All the best!

  18. Jan says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I came back so that I could see this. Congratulations! What excitement. I have a little babysitter in training when you’re ready. Have fun! Eat well!

  19. A most blessed announcement! I follow your blog closely, and though we’ve never talked directly or met in person, it doesn’t fail that there seem to be connections through blogging. With that, I have a big smile for you and your husband this morning. Enjoy all that the coming months have to offer, and then the little person you get to meet!



  20. Alison says:

    I’ve followed your blog for years now – and wanted to extend a HUGE congrats to you both. Such wonderful news!

  21. lisa says:

    great news…….. adorable babies become busy kids, who then become amazing and complex adults, and the time in between is rich with experiences and memories and before you know it your home is full and your kitchen is busier than ever; but no audience is more rewarding than family. Happy for you and Mike and looking forward to your continued posts.

  22. This news makes my day! So, so, so happy for you.

    You can’t even realize right now how even more amazing and wonderous and incredible your life is going to be. But it will be. Guaranteed.

    xo Kim

  23. I have been following your blog for a few years now. I burst into tears when I read your post this morning… perhaps because I too am pregnant and a lot of things make me cry these days 😉
    Congratulations to you and your husband, and I hope you are feeling well!

  24. Amy says:

    Major congratulations to you and Mike — I’m thrilled for you! And having spent every other weekend in DC back when my husband and I were in the early days of our relationship, I can vouch for its wealth of gustatory and other pleasures. May 2011 bring everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more.

  25. Jennifer Hess says:

    You guys… wow. My heart is about to burst. And I’m crying, but I’m going to blame the hormones, okay? Much love to you all, and thank you.

  26. laura says:

    Luverly news! From a born-in-DCer who now lives in Italy, all my very best AUGURONI to you and your husband.

  27. Kate says:

    Congrats! If and when you uproot to my fair city, there are two perfect places for you: Shaw if you live in the city (townhouses and small yards and the Bloomingdale farmer’s market and Timor Market (a bodega with local and organic foods, the best inexpensive wines I’ve ever seen, a collection of awesome Asian imports, and a dog-sitting side business), and a ton of young families. The Brooklyn of DC. If you go suburbs, you’re going to be all about Takoma Park. Good look!

  28. Absolutely wonderful news ! Congrats. This is a crazy time, but so much fun. My two and a half year old daughter loves helping me cook ~ it’s one of our weekend projects every weekend. Food is love…Enjoy !

  29. Sammie from Maine says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! What wonderful news! You will be a fantastic mother. I’m so excited for you! Yippee Yahoo! You deserve all the happiness there is to have…

  30. Barbi says:

    I am a long time reader. One of the thousands who never leave comments. …but this news deserves a congratulations. I am so happy for you!As the mom of a 3 and 6 year old, enjoy it and savor it. They grow up in a flash. I am sure my 3 year old was a baby last week.

  31. Oh Jen, i am so delighted for you and Mike! what wonderful news! no wonder you’ve been feeling so blah! I’m also thrilled that you’re planning on moving to the DC area…i really like it here and there’s a good local food scene and winters are a bit shorter than Rhode Island’s. Hope you have an easy pregnancy…much love to you and Mike and the kitties!

  32. Lesli says:

    Congratulations! This little one is already showing you that, with kids, the best laid plans can change quite dramatically on a dime, and usually do. Children definitely keep things exciting! Wait until you get to start cooking for a little person…fun stuff, really, and it will give you all kinds of new ideas. I remember even mashing that first avocado for my oldest of three was a thrill. Take care!

  33. JoJo says:

    Longtime reader here. I’m so thrilled for you and your husband. I’ve got a 16 month old son at home and nothing – NOTHING – is as satisfying as watching him savor the food that I’ve cooked for him. Passing on your love of food and the importance of home cooking to your little one will be one of the most amazing gifts you will ever impart. Congratulations.

  34. sherry k says:

    I’ve complimented your egg pictures here before…but this one is divine. Best thing you’ve made so far!
    Good health and congratulations to you both.

  35. tinarina says:

    Mostly I lurk but wanted to say congrats. The very, very best to both of you, and your kid will have the best baby food ever.

  36. Emilie says:

    Jen!!! OMG!!! I haven’t been to your website in months and I just happen to pop in tonight for some dinner inspiration and this! I’m so excited for you. September will be here before you know it! (scary, maybe, but true) 🙂

  37. Meryl says:

    Congratulations!!!! My sister told me the wonderful news a few months ago that she is expecting and due in July…I don’t think there’s anything better than finding out a little one is on the way! I’m so happy for you both and wish you the very best!!!

  38. maya says:

    Joining in on the congratulations- what an exciting announcement. As a new mom of a nearly one-year-old–stock the freezer now! congratulations and all the best.

  39. Congrats! We had our first daughter on Christmas morning (a week early–she was due on 1/1/11) and she’s been an absolute delight. I hope you have a lovely pregnancy!

  40. Krissy says:

    Congrats to you both!

    I had a giggle moment when I looked back at your posts 2011, and you started out 2011 with some eggs!

  41. El says:

    Oh my. Congratulations! (I wondered what all of the diaper posts were about of Twitter ;>) It looks like this is going to be a sensational year for you both. Cheers!

  42. Tasha says:

    Super big congrats! I am also a long time reader, first time commenting. I just found out this weekend that I am pregnant and I am soo scared. I want this so badly, but I keep thinking something will go wrong. Then I read your post, and I felt so happy for you. Your post also gives me hope, happiness and courage. What is meant to be will be. I look forward to more updates.

  43. Wow and wow and wow and … not many words to say…. just… wow. I’m so happy. Such a blessing. It just gets better and better and better.

  44. Marisa says:

    Congratulations! Long time reader. Love your insights, your photos, etc.
    You’re in for a wild ride! I have a 4 year old and having a baby has been the light in my life, every day! And it’s fun to introduce new food to him – we pride ourselves in not feeding him “kid food” from the grocery store or from restaurants. You’re going to be an amazing mom when it comes to food!!!

  45. Jo says:

    The first thing I wanted to make after the three months of feeling gross and avoiding the kitchen was pizza, with pineapple and pickled banana peppers. Now it is 1 month later, I’m not stuck to the couch anymore, and Everything! tastes good! Sounds like you are almost there too. I’m so glad, because I really love reading about what you are eating. Congratulations!

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