Scenes from a Feast

getting it started

turkey breast

tub o'bubbly


round one

bacon challah cubes

shrimp cocktail

oh my


Tuscan Chicken Liver Pate

more bubbles

Dinner: November 25, 2010

Thank you for sharing our food and drink, our laughter and tears, our sorrows and joys this year. We are so grateful for you all.

14 thoughts on “Scenes from a Feast

  1. Cathy Dellinger says:

    Ahh, those Brussel sprouts, studded with pomegranate seeds and walnut oil. They were gone before a picture could be taken. What an amazing Gobble Day!

  2. Christine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband! Everything looks delicious!

    Thank you for sharing your food and your life with us this past year.

  3. Hi Adina,

    I don’t really have a recipe, to speak of. Here’s what I did:

    1. Broke the bird down. I had, when finished, drumsticks, thighs, wings, one huge bone-in breast portion, small blobs of fat and skin, and various bits of carcass.

    2. Made stock from the carcass and organ meats.

    3. Rendered the fat and skin.

    4. Dry-brined the turkey breast, using an herbed salt.

    5. Cured the leg portions, with salt, shallot, and herbs.

    6. After two days curing, the legs came out and went into a pot of fat–a mix of duck fat, turkey fat, and olive oil. I poached those on Wednesday and stored them in fat overnight.

    7. I grilled the turkey breast and wings on T Day, over lump natural-hardwood charcoal. I used maple chips soaked in apple cider to add a smoky flavor to the meat. It wound up actually smelling like applewood-smoked bacon, thanks to the maple and apple!

    So it’s less a recipe and more a series of techniques.

  4. Kate Stulpin says:

    Wow! Everything looks delicious. Thanks for posting your process above, I definitely want to try making everything.

  5. Adina says:

    Thanks for the info, Mike! I think I want to break down the turkey next year. I’ve grown bored with the same old roasting technique.

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