Dinner and a Movie

So after our big day yesterday (which you can now get a sneak peek at on Projo.com), I was eager to tuck into one of my husband‘s homemade pizzas for dinner. After our meat-heavy weekend, we elected to go for a vegetarian pie topped with a few fresh, seasonal goodies.

Mike dressed his standard crust with a layer of Amanda Hesser’s deliciously jammy roasted cherry tomatoes (from this food52 recipe), a blend of cheeses (including our favorite fresh mozz from Narragansett Creamery), and thin mandolined slices of zucchini.

Dinner: September 7, 2010

I gave the pizza a shower of freshly grated Pecorino Romano when it came out of the oven, along with a sprinkle of fresh marjoram leaves and a drizzle of Sicilian olive oil. The roasted tomatoes made for a delicious “sauce”, melting down even further into little orbs bursting with concentrated tomato flavor, and we loved how the paper-thin zucchini crisped and melded into the cheese.

The marjoram, too, was a welcome change from basil, with a deeper, earthier flavor to complement the more concentrated flavor of the roasted tomato “sauce”, a gentle reminder a that cooler weather and heartier fare are not too far away.

12 thoughts on “Dinner and a Movie

  1. Looks delicious! May try that for our weekly pizza this week– zucchini is one of our favorite toppings.

    Oh man, it must have been so weird to have someone film you eating. You want to look like you’re enjoying it, but you also don’t want to come off looking like a slob who inhales sandwiches. My hat is off to you. I don’t think I would let myself be filmed in that kind of situation.

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Winnie – thank you so much 🙂

    Adina – it was definitely weird! And you don’t want to know how heavily I weighed my dining options – sausages were out, nothing too saucy, you get the picture. Stressful! But like I said, for a good cause 😀

  3. TK says:

    Jenn – so sorry for your loss. Our 12 year old cat (my first baby!) got killed by a Coyote on Labor Day weekend, we still haven’t stopped crying. Cats are the best. Maybe he will meet Kali up there somewhere, and they will both be laughing at our silly behavior down here.

  4. What a cutie you are in the interview! (and trust another woman to notice this, but how did you get your lipstick to still look so nice while eating??)

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