10 thoughts on “and then

  1. Kira says:

    I never comment, only admire, lust, and adore from afar…but, man…I’m so sad you posted this. Hope all is well, and please…someone…sponser this woman, and this amazing website so she can write, photograph, and cook full time–She’s a gift to so many people. You are incredible, and I wish I had an inch of your organic talent, knowledge and pinache for food. Visiting your site is such a treat for me—I can only throw a couple ingredients together, and even then, it’s just “so-so”. You have given so many silent folks, like me, a really cool insite of what a few simple, yet important, ingrediates can do…I hope you are able to come back soon.

  2. I hope everything with you and yours is ok and to see your (triumphant?) return to the blog. Your passion shines through in all that you write here, and I can’t imagine not having your entries in my google reader.

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