No-sweat Cooking, Day 18

Herbed Crab Salad-Stuffed Avocados

31 dishes, 31 days – I’m cooking my way through Melissa Clark‘s “No-Sweat Cooking” from the August issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. And to those of you who made your way over here via, welcome!

I love avocado in just about any form, so I was looking forward to trying these Herbed Crab Salad-Stuffed Avocados and they did not disappoint. Our avocados were on the small side so we have a good amount of the crab salad left over, but that’s hardly a bad thing – I’m sure it will be great on a sandwich or a mound of crisp greens… or maybe we just need to buy more avocados.

Get the recipe: Herbed Crab Salad-Stuffed Avocados

4 thoughts on “No-sweat Cooking, Day 18

  1. this gives me a better idea for what to stuff in the tomatoes i bought from the farmers market! was thinking a rice or farro stuffing, but wanted to do a dish the next evening with rice. my fiancee and i generally try to mix up our meals every night, so i think a crab or tuna salad would be perfect!

    cheers and thanks,


  2. this looks delicious, but somehow i don’t think i could make it without thinking of that awful scene from sylvia plath’s the bell jar

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