No-Sweat Cooking, Day 3

Dinner: July 27, 2010

31 dishes, 31 days – I’m cooking my way through Melissa Clark‘s “No-Sweat Cooking” from the August issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray

I’ve long been intrigued by the classic Italian dish Vitello Tonnato, but I had yet to try it or anything similar until last night, when I put together Melissa Clark’s Rotisserie Chicken Tonnato with Tomato Salad for our no-sweat dinner. The combination of roast chicken with a creamy tuna and anchovy sauce might sound odd, but the sauce is a classic for a reason – it’s simply delicious. It’s also dead easy – just combine the ingredients in the food processor, give them a whirl, and voila.

from the garden

The tomato salad was a delightful foil for the chicken, the acidity of the tomatoes and the fresh bite of the herbs cutting through the rich sauce. I had ferried home a mixed pint of tiny tomatoes from Kimball’s Fruit Farm at the Boston Public Market for the salad, but I was tickled to add the first of our home-grown gems to the mix.

tomato salad

Full disclosure: I didn’t use a rotisserie chicken for this, instead opting for a Pat’s Pastured bird roasted at home – not exactly no-sweat, but Mike took care of the roasting in the afternoon, the crispy chicken skin his reward. We both agreed the finished dish was worth the extra step.

Chicken Tonnato with Tomato Salad

Get the recipe: Rotisserie Chicken Tonnato with Tomato Salad

10 thoughts on “No-Sweat Cooking, Day 3

  1. I haven’t made this in years – and I just love how easy this recipe is! On the menu plan for the weekend. Thanks so much.

  2. That is one of my favourite things ! I often make it with pork loin rather than veal – cheating. And why not chicken, the blank canvas of foods?

    Thank you for the delicious reminder.

  3. My mother made this for a brunch when I was 10 years old. I’ll never forget it.
    People came to the house expecting Eggs Benedict and got Vitello Tonnato and it was a party to remember. I love the idea of doing this with chicken.

  4. Ha! I’m glad you answered the question I had the second I saw the name of the recipe. “Jen wouldn’t use a rotisserie bird, would she?” I pine for the rosticceria chickens we saw in Italy – the né plus ultra of the rotisserie chicken. Gorgeous golden birds sold with a scoopful of the drippings-loaded potatoes roasted beneath them.

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