No-Sweat Cooking, Day 1

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The heat has been relentless this summer. My friend Jan remarked to me on Saturday at the farmers’ market that last summer was so grey and rainy she forgot just how miserable the heat could be. Meal planning can be hard when the mercury climbs, even for a committed home cook like me, so I’m always on the lookout for dinnertime inspiration beyond salads this time of year.

I found it in Melissa Clark’s “No Sweat Cooking,” which appears in the August issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. She put forth some really appealing dishes to help folks beat the heat but still eat well, and for the next month, I’ll be cooking my way through them – 31 dishes in 31 days, all blogged here.

scallop ceviche, pre-citrus

I got started with last night’s dinner, taking advantage of Mike’s absence to indulge in something he’s not a fan of but that I love – fresh melon. It’s featured in a simple scallop ceviche, made bright and zippy with chilies and mint, the melon adding a subtle sweetness and lovely color to the dish.

scallop ceviche

I picked up the tiniest muskmelon I could find from Wishing Stone Farm, barely the size of a softball, and combined the diced flesh with my citrus “cooked” Bomster scallops. A little chopping and squeezing and about two hours’ time was all I needed to get this elegant, refreshing meal on the table, and as promised, I didn’t break a sweat. We’re off to a good start.

Get the recipe: Scallop-and-Cantaloupe Ceviche

5 thoughts on “No-Sweat Cooking, Day 1

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    Say what you will about her, but she gets people in the kitchen and cooking, and that’s not a bad thing 🙂 And Melissa Clark’s recipes in this piece are really good. I’m excited about the dishes that we have to look forward to during the next month!

  2. i always say the same thing about her – you can call her annoying or say she doesn’t cook real food or whatever people say. and, i don’t 100% disagree – but she has gotten so many people i know who never felt confident enough to cook or cared about cooking, into the kitchen. that’s huge. and, it’s hard to argue when she’s featuring recipes like these. those scallops look beautiful.

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