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On April 21, 2010, PBS will be airing Food, Inc.. I’m so honored that the folks at POV asked if Last Night’s Dinner would be a participating blog, as you know that sourcing out responsibly-raised food is an issue Mike and I believe strongly in.

POV is encouraging people to gather at potluck viewing parties on the night of the April 21st airing (or from April 22 to April 29, when the film will be streaming online) (EDIT! the POV folks just had their own, with my meatballs among the dishes served!), to share a sustainable feast and talk about the film and its message. For my part, I’ve provided a few potluck-friendly recipes which are posted among other great dishes at the POV/Food, Inc. web page, and I’d love to know if there is interest in planning a Providence-area potluck as well (sadly, the Dietschblossom carriage house is not particularly “large gathering-friendly” or we’d have you all over in a heartbeat – so finding an alternate venue is my main concern).

Any of you readers, local or otherwise, who host potlucks can visit the POV site from April 22 to March 3 to talk about your party, and possibly even win POV gift baskets which will include autographed copies of Michael Pollan’s and Eric Schlosser’s books, a copy of the “Food, Inc.” DVD, coffee from Equator Coffees, coupons for free products from Amy’s Kitchen and more.

Whether you host or attend a potluck or not, I do hope you’ll watch this important film. Learn about what’s on your plate and where it comes from, how it gets there, and what the true cost is. Be an informed consumer, and make the choices that are best for you and your family.

7 thoughts on “Food, Inc. on POV

  1. Oh man, this movie. I could deal (not well, but deal) with the issues surrounding the treatment of animals, as I know about it, had been a vegetarian for years based on it, but man the lawyer in me was enraged, Enraged! about the Monsanto litigation and I was so bummed that no Gloria Allred type had taken up the cause.

    I’m glad this movie is hopefully going to be seen by more and more people. And so happy that your wonderful recipes are getting a little more exposure!

  2. I will do whatever I can do to help make this happen. I just watched Food Inc on Wednesday night and it had an enormous effect on me. I want everyone to see this movie.

  3. I cried several times during my first viewing. This is such a great documentary. I teach college social science courses and will be showing it to my classes.

  4. angela says:

    I have procrastinated seeing that movie… I was excited for it when I heard about it, but the trailer really put me off. I don’t know.

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