A girl walks into a bar…

Dinner: March 24, 2010

I went up to Cook & Brown for a drink, and ended up staying for dinner. Some nights, it’s good to just give in and let your friends – your family – take care of you. I hope I get to return the favor soon.

8 thoughts on “A girl walks into a bar…

  1. Erina says:

    First, I’m so glad that you went to the restaurant. It’s food for the soul, visiting that place, and especially for you.

    Second, I miss being there as well – so many changes, everyday. I see “The Betty” has finally made it to the menu. Comfort food at its best!

  2. Russell Borogove says:

    I’m really glad the, uh, misunderstandings? seem to have worked out. And now I want a sandwich.

  3. Glad to hear you let other people take care of you last night. I was going to say after your last point, that when I feel mopey, I just lean back and take it easy food-wise: let others cook for me, have some junk food, etc. It’s nice to take time off from it. Even better when you have an in at the hottest, new, cozy place in town!

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    Erina – There’s something so incredibly warm and welcoming about Cook & Brown, isn’t there? It was just great to be there, even briefly. Are you working again this weekend? If so I hope to see you again!

    Russell – Yeah, let’s just say I think I understand all I need to from the people in charge 🙂 xxoo

    Brad – I’m so glad you and your wife liked it! I suspect I just missed you, but I’m sure we’ll cross paths eventually.

    Mary – it was a rough weekend. I think I just needed to let all of that negative energy go and listen to what I really needed *for me.* And it seemed to do the trick 🙂

  5. @Jennifer – We’ll surely cross paths at some point. I’m sure we’re also at the Winter Farmers Market at the same time every week also!

    @Dietsch – I surely will. I believe I said goodnight to you as I left the other night. We were the party of two in the front corner by the window on Wednesday.

  6. I’m so sorry we never got to experience C&B before they foolishly let Mike go. It looks and sounds like the food was pretty good — I guess that just goes to show that good cooks aren’t always the smartest restaurateurs (or the most loyal friends).

    When you come and visit, we’ll go to Bakesale Betty and have the original of that sandwich. And Mike can make us some of his stellar cocktails.

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