21 thoughts on “a little bit softer now

  1. shannon says:

    love that paw is about even with the Cheese…

    My orange tabby gets very excited and starts talking to me the minute I go in the kitchen and hauls himself up to strech up to the sink and help me….he’s so long he can almost dry the dishes after I wash…

    love that picture!

  2. I make a panade which is basically a riff on Molly (Orangette’s) braised savoy cabbage with Pierre Robert, only with lots of onions, and stale bread, and holy cow, am I ever craving it now. I guess I know I’ll be buying lots of extra bread with the groceries tonight.

  3. That panade looks so wonderful. All my favorite foods. Love the kitty paw – glad you get help from the four-footed, too. Mostly, do not despair. You are the most creative cook I know, and your food ideas inspire my dinner at least once a week.

  4. After looking at these pictures teasing me all week long, I broke down and had panade for lunch today. Sour dough bread, good gruyere, lots of onions and some wilted curly frisee (one of my favorite greens, and it never gets any love.) A little stock and holy yum batman.

  5. I thought I recognized that font from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook! Just grabbed my copy and found the exact page you took the photograph. I think I might buy some bread just to let it go stale just so I can make this. For those without the cookbook, the recipe is also online.

    What a story a few pictures can tell.

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