Jennie’s Manicotti

Dinner:  January 27, 2010

This manicotti? So good. Seriously, seriously good. As in, “serves 4” should be a suggestion – Mike and I finished it all, and were jockeying for the leftover saucy bits in the baking dish. And I am not lying when I say I would happily eat it again, tonight, and the night after, and for many nights thereafter. We gilded the lily a bit by adding a bit of shredded Narragansett Creamery fresh mozzarella on top, and we used NC ricotta in the filling rather than homemade, but seriously, this is just a great, simple, deceptively easy dish. And you should make it for yourself soon.

(Huge thanks to the lovely and talented Jennifer Perillo for this recipe – it’s a keeper for sure.)

4 thoughts on “Jennie’s Manicotti

  1. I was just studying this recipe at JP’s blog. Did not realize it was made with crepes!
    I’m going to make it soon- looks too good not to!
    Hope you have a great weekend and get some relaxing in!

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