Maine Shrimp to the Rescue

Dinner:  January 26, 2010

I dove head-first into my new position this week, with my first trainee joining the department on Monday. Things are going great, but I’m still effectively doing my old job as well, and people, I am *beat* by the time I get home. I did myself a favor by writing up a meal plan for this week’s dinners over the weekend, but I had to fall back and punt last night when I realized that the fillets from the whole black sea bass I had in the fridge were not going to be nearly enough for two (particularly since breakfast and lunch are luxuries I haven’t had much time for lately).

Maine shrimp

Thankfully, I had portioned out some lovely little Maine shrimp a couple of weeks back and tucked them away in the freezer for future meals. After a quick water bath to thaw them, I gave them a quick saute with sliced leeks and a bit of grapeseed oil in my new favorite pan. They needed just a couple of minutes to cook through, and were delicious served alongside sauteed red cabbage and carrots on a bed of black rice. I whisked together the juice of a lime, some tamari, and a bit of toasted sesame oil to drizzle over the top of our bowls, a simple sauce that provided just the right notes of salt and acidity to complement the sweet shrimp and nutty rice.

8 thoughts on “Maine Shrimp to the Rescue

  1. De-lurking to say that I have been enjoying your blog for a long time and now that I have a blog myself I have added you to the shortlist that is my blogroll.
    I love your creativity and the fact that try so hard to use local ingredients and cook seasonally.
    You’re great!

  2. What a delicious looking meal! you’re really inspiring, what you can do after a long day’s work and a long commute! Please don’t neglect your breakfast and lunch or else you’re going to feel awfully tired in the evening…your poor body and brain won’t have any fuel to run on!

  3. another lovely meal, as always, J. i adore tamari- i want to find more ways to integrate it into my dishes. have a great weekend. hugs, shayma

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    Maggie – ooooh, peel and eat sounds like a fabulous way to eat them! With beer, of course 😀

    Lydia – thank you!

    Ruby – thanks, and glad you de-lurked!

    quiltcat – this week was a little crazy, but I plan to stock up on good tinned fish, whole-grain crackers/flatbreads and such that I can keep at my desk for quick, healthy meals. This girl needs to eat!

    Nevis – Thanks! The new position is great, but like I said, the transition has been a bit crazy. It’s all good, though!

    anniemade – I agree, they’re great!

    shayma – Thanks, sweetie! Have a wonderful weekend, too! xo

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