Desperation Dinner

Dinner:  January 19, 2010

This week is moving by at a dizzying pace. Between our wedding anniversary, the buzz around Cook & Brown and Mike’s involvement in it, and big changes on the horizon at my own job, I’ve barely had the chance to think. I had another meal entirely planned for Tuesday night’s dinner, but as I’ve been spending so much of my time and energy prepping for tonight’s anniversary feast, I got a little weeded and decided to scrap my previous plan in favor of something simpler: lamb ragu from the freezer, thawed and tossed with hot cooked shells, wilted young spinach leaves, and a good hit of grated pecorino. Nothing fancy, but just what the doctor ordered.

7 thoughts on “Desperation Dinner

  1. Sue says:

    Hey! That looks like the pork ragu I have simmering on the stove right now!! Tomorrow night’s dinner with saffron infused orecchiette…

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! have a wonderful feast! from you, just a couple of poached eggs would be a feast enough, i’m sure. Your quick dinner from last night looks yummy, warm, and comforting.

  3. Your “desperation dinner” is most people’s “trophy dinner.” And it’s alwasy good to be in the weeds because of fun exciting changes!

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    Sue – Thank you! Your dinner sounds fabulous – hope it was!

    quiltcat – You’re so sweet, thank you🙂

    Winnie – Thanks!

    claudia – Thank you, my friend.

    Niki – Thanks, and yes, it is an exciting time for us!

    emily – Thank you! No recipe posted for the lamb ragu yet, but it’s almost there. Soon!

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