A little lighter

Meyer lemon

I’m nearing the end of what has been a very long week, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m tired, and I am so looking forward to a 3-day weekend to relax, connect with family and friends, and process all that has happened this week at home and elsewhere.

One reason for my lethargy is that as we’ve tightened or belts even more at home, I’ve had to change my commute. I still leave home at the same time each morning, but I’ve been lucky to get home before 7:30, and as you may have noticed, I haven’t had much to say here (which sucks, especially in light of the sweet shout-out I got this week from the ladies at food52. To those of you who found your way here via their introduction, welcome).

Yunan Palace Bamboo rice

I’ve been a bit off my game in the kitchen as a result, but last night’s dinner showed signs that I might just be getting my groove back. It wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned (and in fact, this dish was originally planned for Wednesday night, but was rescheduled due to a few major oversights and errors on my part), but it was really satisfying, and it’s a preparation I’ll definitely play more with.


One of the things I picked up on my last visit to Mercato del Mare was a gorgeous slab of line-caught tuna, which I portioned out and froze as soon as I got home that day. I thawed the tuna and had intended to crust the portions in some nori from She Sells Seaweed at our farmers’ market, but the nori didn’t grind as finely as I had hoped when I put it in the food processor (too fresh and pliant, I presume).

Dinner:  January 14, 2010

I ended up saving the shards of nori to sprinkle on top of the finished dish: a bowl of fragrant green rice, the tuna seared and sliced and arranged on top, with steamed spinach and gingery pickled radishes. I made a quick little dressing with Meyer lemon and toasted sesame oil to drizzle over the fish, and while the acid in the dressing dulled the color of the sliced tuna, the flavor was a really nice addition to the meal overall.

7 thoughts on “A little lighter

  1. Have I mentioned how jealous I am that you can buy seaweed at your farmer’s market? This looks fresh and delicious. Glad you’re getting your groove back!

  2. That is a gorgeous plate. When you portioned the tuna, did you cut it into those nice squares or did you sear a whole piece, thenslice?

  3. This looks like a great dish to eat when feeling drained—good, clean food to rejuvenate! Question: I’ve never heard of green rice, and I’m fascinated. What is it? Thanks!

  4. Yes, I’ve gotten knocked off my blogging just as I started. Life intervenes, doesn’t it? Let’s just agree to post when we can and celebrate whenever.

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Jessamyn – We are really lucky, and I look forward to working my way through all of the various seaweed offerings 🙂

    Cathy – Thank you! The slab I got was easily one and a half to two inches thick, but wedge shaped. I cut two rectangular slabs from the center, and the rest was frozen as trim for other uses. I seared the slabs on all sides, then sliced them after they rested briefly.

    Alexa – Thank you! It’s something we found at one of our local groceries here, and I had never seen nor heard of it before, but it was too pretty to resist. The manufacturer is Urban Accents, and they have a variety of lovely rices available: http://www.urbanaccents.com/Rice-Grains-s/25.htm

    Elyse – Indeed, life really does have an impact on one’s blogging schedule! We’ve had a lot going on, and a lot to celebrate as well 😀

  6. jamie says:

    hi jennifer:
    just wanted to send you words of encouragement and support. you seem to work so hard, especially if you hold the same standards of excellence to your professional life as you exhibit in your kitchen. i am a long time follower of your blog and enjoy every post. i personally do not embrace change in my personal life…..i have been at my current job for 26 years if that proves my point.
    anyway i just wanted to send you a pat on the back from afar and tell you that i for one will appreciate your posts whenever you have time, but to be considerate of yourself first.

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