(Don’t) Take Me Out

Dinner:  November 19, 2009

Pizza with Cabot clothbound cheddar, caramelized balsamic onions, Watson Farm smoked andouille, and Allen Farm micro mustard greens. The crust is some of Mike’s homemade. pulled from the freezer and thawed. So easy, so good.

11 thoughts on “(Don’t) Take Me Out

  1. Ciaran,

    I don’t know how long dough will last. I only keep it frozen for a couple of months at most, since we do pizza so often at home. I put this one into a water-bath to defrost. That took about an hour. It didn’t rise much, but then again, I had proofed it prior to freezing. I don’t know whether that’s the “right” way or not.

  2. I guess i should just stop complaining about how terrible the pizza is here and settle down to make my own! that looks absolutely scrumptious…and relatively fast if one has wisely cached the dough in the freezer like you guys did.

  3. Dietsch,

    Whenever I make dough for freezing, I let it rise once first, then punch it down and wrap it up. I then let it thaw (I haven’t used a water bath method), which usually does mean it will rise a second time.

    Also–have you guys tried Cabot’s huntsman cheddar? It is phenomenal in chili.

  4. Bobolink cheddar is still my favorite but the Cabot clothbound cheddar is mighty fine, aged at Jasper Hill I believe. So many wonderful choices nowadays!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love pizzas with a salad on top! I have recently begun to make pizzas on Saturday evenings and I might use caramelized onions this weekend because that sounds delicious.

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