LND: Bachelor edition

With Jen in New York for the Food52 launch party, I’m taking the reins for one day.

First up, a Kali update. She took a pretty dramatic turn yesterday, and I’m pleased to tell you it’s for the better. Her appetite, over the weekend and into late Tuesday, was still very minimal. All day Tuesday, she refused food, and that was where she was when I left for a bartender competition Tuesday evening. Jen came home and got her to at least sniff food and even lap up the aromatic gelatin from a can of Friskies, but Kali still wouldn’t take solid food. She did, however, accept the transdermal dosing of Pred I started giving her Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday morning, things began to change. As Jen was getting ready for her trip to New York, she paused long enough to put down some dry food for the cats. As the kibbles pinged into their bowls, Jen saw Kali and her big blue eyes staring up at her next to her food dish. She ate with gusto, took a long drink of water, and ate again. She’s eaten well, consistently, since then. Now that she’s regained much of her energy and personality, though, she’s fighting the transdermal Pred a little. Not nearly so much as she battled against taking the oral dosing, though, so it’s manageable, at least for now.

As for last night’s dinner, I had some chicken leg quarters in the fridge. Jen had made chicken saltimbocca over the weekend, using the breast meat of a bird from Pat’s Pastured. She took the wings and made meat and broth for Kali, and left the legs for my bachelor supper. So I roasted the legs in the oven, in my beloved iron skillet, at 450ºF for about 20 minutes, I think. When they reached about 165º, I removed them to a platter and tented them with foil to rest.

Then I took the leftover skin (and the fat clinging to it) from the breast portion, and crisped that up in the pan drippings in the iron skillet. I removed that, let it cool, and chopped it up. I added a bit of olive oil, sliced shallot and a pinch of salt and sweated those down over medium-low heat. I added thinly sliced potatoes and fried them in the oil and chicken fat.

Meanwhile, in another pan, I put oil and more shallot, heated that up, and added chopped kale to sauté. When the potatoes were nicely browned, I added the chicken skin back to the pan and let everything crisp up a bit. And there you have a rich, probably too fatty, meal fit for a bachelor weeknight. I won’t even talk about the hookers and blow that followed.

Not quite LND plating

You’ll note by the color imbalance and the schmutz on the plate that this definitely isn’t Jen’s photography. Sorry for the mess.

8 thoughts on “LND: Bachelor edition

  1. ^5’s for Kali!

    At least you can cook for yourself (and a damn fine meal at that)…I buy frozen pizzas for my hubby for the nights I’m not home to cook.

  2. Have you tried feeding Kali a little Gerber’s chicken baby food? Cats, even when they don’t feel good, love it and it’s natural and nutritious (I hope it is at least, since it’s supposed to be for babies).

  3. that’s more of a meal than this bachelorette usually manages even on a weekend! and love the fact that you made gribenes, Yiddish word for rendered chicken fat and lovely crunchy cracklin’s (no wonder my people are plagued with obesity and high cholestrol!), but of a gourmet order. And i chuckled at the difference between your plating and Jen’s.

    Most of all, i am so glad to hear the Kali is eating and drinking again!!! That’s the prednisone at work. (Cautionary note to make sure that she’s pooping o.k. and doesn’t become constipated again. Suggest adding canned pumpkin to her diet.) Is there some way you can make applying the transdermal easier, like make it just part of a snuggling/petting session? Way to go, Kali!!

  4. Sarah V says:

    SO glad to hear Kali’s on the up & up, and not entirely fighting the Pred. As others have mentioned, making meds part of A Special Routine really goes a long way, particularly when your cats *really* aren’t afraid to give you a piece of their mind.

    Also! Gorgeous color on the kale. Really vibrant. It’s even better to see that the whole DietschBlossom family is well. 🙂

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