The New Normal


I’m a person who craves structure and order in most parts of my life, and those things have been in very short supply around here lately. Kali’s illness comes at a time when both Mike and I are juggling a lot of things – new opportunities, travel, the exact opposite of routine. Putting together our meals is usually a creative outlet for me, but with all that is going on, I’m struggling to find both inspiration and my appetite.

Dinner:  October 26, 2009

There were fresh lima beans at the market this past Saturday, and I wanted to cook them up before my quick visit to New York tomorrow, so I decided to incorporate them into a simple pasta dish for Monday’s supper. I shelled the limas, gently stewed them in olive oil with a few sprigs of thyme tossed in, then tossed hot cooked spaghetti into the pan, adding a lashing of heavy cream, a handful of grated pecorino, some lemon zest and lots of black pepper. The flavors were subtle but satisfying, and some nights that’s all you need.

4 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Have a blast in NYC! I am jealous. Love your pasta dish. That is exactly what I would want to have after a not-so-awesome weekend. Pure comfort. Safe travels!

  2. that looks great! one of the vendors at our Farmer’s Market had fresh limas this past week but i didn’t get them…maybe for this week! have a great time in NYC tomorrow!

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