Narragansett Creamery ricotta

It was 33 degrees out when I left for work this morning. In the dark. In my full-length down coat. 33. People. I am not ready for this. One of the things we love most about New England is the fall, and I feel like it’s almost behind us, whizzing past like the vibrant foliage as I head home on the train in the evening, in the dark.

rainbow chard

The change of seasons is always difficult for me physically, and this rapid drop in temperatures, the cold and damp, is particularly hard. I have no energy and I ache right to my core, and of course, I’m reacting by taking on Projects in the kitchen. Like these gnudi.

ricotta and chard

The last time I made gnudi was far too long ago, and since we have some of the best darned ricotta around, I figured it was high time I worked with it in this application.

Dinner:  October 19, 2009

I treated the ricotta much like I did in my most recent batch of ricotta gnocchi, draining it and beating it until fluffy, then incorporating chopped cooked chard, a beaten egg, salt, pepper, lemon zest, grated parm, and flour. I rolled out two dozen little dumplings, cooked them in plenty of boiling salted water until they bobbed to the top, then sauced them with a zippy lemon and thyme-infused butter, finishing them with crunchy little lemon-thyme breadcrumbs. It was, perhaps, a little fussy for a weeknight dish, but it was totally worth it, a welcome bright spot in an otherwise dreary day.

10 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Absolutely lovely, Jenn! Do you think any other greens would be good here? We’ve been getting tons of mustard greens and kale in our CSA box…

    I’m sorry the weather has taken a turn already for you guys up there…my aunt lives in Providence, and she’s been lamenting the cold, damp days, too. Here’s hoping you’ll have a little more real fall before the winter sets in!

  2. I’m not ready either. Ugh. I’m impressed that you made these on a weeknight—I’ve been obsessed with gnudi since my one trip to the Spotted Pig.

  3. ChrisG says:

    the good news is it’s like 70 degrees out today. at least in new york. but i too take on projects when i can’t deal with other stuff! i’ve been cooking a lot recently because i can’t deal with cleaning out the basement 🙂

  4. I’m with you–my favorite part about fall is being able to go outside with nothing but a sweater as outerwear, and I feel like we’re being cheated of that this year (not to mention the dreary weekend we just had).

    This is really impressive for a weeknight dinner–approximately how long did it take you to make the gnudi?

  5. Alice says:

    Huh?! Dreary? Here in Cambridge, MA, it’s been beautiful and sunny during the day, reaching almost 65-70F…a bit chilly starting out, yes, but glorious fall weather!

    In any case, the food is beautiful as usual.

  6. Hi Jen. What a lovely way to beat the cold weather blues! And fortunately, the warmer sunny weather has been back this week (at least until tomorrow anyhow…). Do you do any exercise, or not have time for it? My sister has fibromyalgia and i think she’s found water aerobics has been the best possible exercise.

  7. These look AMAZING. My mouth is watering. Thanks for cheering me up during this awful, rainy, too-close-to-the-end-of-fall day.

  8. Jae says:

    I just had to comment, it is always so strange for me reading food blogs as living in Southwest means crazy seasons. It is in the 80’s here and we just hit our season for heirloom tomatoes. Is that wrong?

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