Testing, Testing

Dinner:  September 29, 2009

We love our roast chicken around here, and now that my husband has worked out his favorite method for ensuring moist meat and the crispiest skin, he has finally stepped back and let me play around with variations again.

This was half of a Poulet Rouge from Pat, broken down, pre-salted in the morning and roasted at high heat in our trusty iron skillet. I made a quick mustardy pan sauce with grapes and thyme after the meat was done and served it with my favorite celery root and potato mash and a bit of peppery arugula. The flavors were there, though I want to try this again with a different grape. A work in progress, but with loads of potential.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to those of you who found your way over here via food52, The New York Times, today’s Projo, or Serious Eats. (Whew. Just typing that list made me tired!)

7 thoughts on “Testing, Testing

  1. Dale says:

    Jen–What are your thoughts on brining? I have stuck with roasting at 400 degrees for 1-1 1/4 hrs, having rubbed the skin with olive oil and stuffed the bird with herbs and lemons. Would love a kicker. Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    maggie – Thank you!

    Abbiebabble – We roast a chicken almost every week this time of year. Such a great meal and you can do so much with the leftovers.

    Dale – I personally haven’t brined, but I think Mike may have? I think our preferred method to get the skin super crisp is to salt the heck out of the bird well in advance of cooking it, so the skin gets really dry and the salt absorbs into the flesh. I used to stuff lemon slices and herbs between the skin and the meat or use an herbed butter, but I think if it’s crisp skin you’re after, leaving it unlubricated is best. Stay tuned for future experiments!

    Joy – Any time is a good time for roast chicken 😀

    nevis – I don’t think I could live without mustard!

    Marie – Yes. I know we got some last year, but I haven’t seen any yet this year. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. 🙂

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