Same as it Ever Was

Dinner:  September 23, 2009

Thank you, truly, for all of your wonderful comments. I was so busy at work yesterday I could barely keep up, but every time I peeked over here and read your words, I swear my heart swelled. Mike was kind enough to spend the day working on a big pot of this delicious chili for our dinner last night, seasoned with a couple of surprising ingredients. I hope he’ll tell you about it some time.

7 thoughts on “Same as it Ever Was

  1. Kristin from Syracuse says:

    I feel like I know my first famous person! JEN!! Rey and I are very, very proud of you – and proud to call you our favorite. You go girl!!

  2. Big congrats for yesterday!
    I also see that you won the steak salad recipe contest on food52…congrats for that, as well!
    You have a beautiful blog and I’m very glad to know about it now!
    Chili looks amazing by the way…

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Kristin – Thank you! Hugs to you and Rey!

    elizabeth – Thanks so much! The weather’s been up and down here – 80 degrees one day and topping out at 62 the next! Hopefully you’ll get your chili soon.

    Winnie – Thanks and thanks!

  4. Karin says:

    You definitely live a delicious life! I really enjoy keeping up with you on your blog and Twitter updates.
    Loved that you and your friends were listening to Styx…I’m an 80s girl, too!

  5. Mmm. It’s totally chili weather now. I just made some earlier in the week, and it officially moved me from summer to autumn eating. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Mike’s recipe.

    Congrats on the NYTimes piece, by the way! I haven’t had the time to read blogs as much as usual, so I just found out this morning.

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