Soup Season

Dinner:  September 21, 2009

I arrived home last night with no game plan as far as dinner was concerned. I’m still in a bit of a rut, and the fact that darkness falls shortly after I get home in the evening isn’t helping. Summer’s over, and another long, cold New England winter isn’t far away. It’s soup season again.

We had potatoes on the counter and leeks in the crisper, so a potato-leek soup was my first thought. Our default is usually Julia’s Potage Parmentier, but I wanted to switch things up a bit. We had a batch of freshly made chicken stock in the fridge, plus a couple of hunks of Cheddar and the last of a bunch of fresh dill, so all of those made their way into the pot. I added a couple of blobs of Dijon mustard for tang, pureed the soup with a stick blender once the potatoes were tender, and served it up with crusty bread on the side and a little more fresh dill on top. This soup was quick, comforting, and bowl-licking good – a definite keeper. I’ve posted my recipe here.

9 thoughts on “Soup Season

  1. I love the addition of dill in the potato soup… dill is probably my favorite herb other than basil. Wish it were soup weather here already!

  2. Looks fantastic! I’m going to pick up the ingredients from the farmer’s market and make this for our Sunday Veg dinner.

    I love that you are posting some of your recipes now, by the way!

  3. That soup looks AWESOME! I love dill and put it in anything I can so I look forward to making this soon. I recently did a potato/cauliflower soup for many of the same reasons; had the veggies, some fresh stock, and a rainy overcast day. Soup is also great because pureed veggies with some cream and/or cheese seem to always be a hit with my children. They are eating nutritious food and I am a happy mama.

  4. s says:

    your website is such an inspiration for someone who wants to start a blog. loved your NYT article, too. a question for someone who is keen on food photography- do you take your photos at night? any tips for how to do that? my photos come out horrific if i dont take them in natural light.
    best wishes for your gorgeous blog.

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