12 thoughts on “The Indoor Picnic

  1. I looked at the top photo and thought: “I wonder if that’s bresaola?!” Always learn to scroll down for answers! Looks wonderful. I’m craving it now.



  2. You had me on that first picture with the tomatoes and tapenade. Of course everything looks awesome but I have a soft spot for fresh tomatoes especially as the season’s about to end…

  3. angela says:

    This is DEFINITELY my favorite kind of dinner, eaten right at the coffee table with a good movie.

    Also, my BF learned to make bruscetta when he lived in Rome, and it makes THE perfect dinner. Now I can’t have bruscetta any other way.

  4. I love in-door picnics. The variety, the colours, the flavours…and all in the warmth and comfort of your home…or anothers. I really like using up left overs, transforming them, adding some bread and dinner’s ready. Thanks for reminding me I need to make this party of my weekly dinner planning.

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