7 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Obviously I love all of your posts and all of the photos are mouth watering but that soba looks incredible. I recently visited Jean George’s Matsugen as I’m really starting to get into the delicate differences in high quality soba noodles and I find it to be such an elegant and refined noodle. It must be amazing with the miso and the egg. At Matsugen I had it it with sea urchin and it was incredible. I also love Seelbach’s and the heavy bitter flavoring used to make the cocktail. I wanted to tell you that if you guys haven’t tried Bluecoat Gin out of PA yet do yourself a favor and buy bottles and bottles of it. I think it is one of the best gins in the world and a steal at $25. I did a post on my blog recently on The Aviation made with Bluecoat, check it out if you get a chance.



  2. c says:

    i LERVE your blog! it always makes my mouth water just looking at your pictures. i have tried many of your recipes and i must say they turn out just as yummy as they look in your photos. keep it up, please….
    can your post a recipe or 2 for homemade spaghetti sauce?



  3. what a gorgeous spread! i think you’d probably appreciate my pictures from two nyc sources for great produce and other fresh foods.

    i posted not too long ago about a great market here in nyc near my office. i’d love for you and your readers to take a look – i absolutely adore taking pictures at these markets, like i know you do…it’s all just so beautiful.


    also, have you been to the grand central market? it’s a nice one-stop shopping for high quality ingredients and prepared foods when in nyc. i posted about it here:


  4. Jen, you have access to such fresh eggs, and I have NEVER been able to get good hard boiled eggs when they’re really fresh — the darn things just will not peel! I would love to do deviled eggs like that (so retro! LOVE). Help?

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Max – I’m a huge fan of soba noodles, and I can imagine the would be amazing with sea urchin! If I remember correctly, we’ve got Bluecoat among our gins on the bar – I know we’ve had it in any event 🙂

    Jessamyn – Hee hee! Your recent soba noodle post sparked a craving 😀

    CGDC – Thanks!

    chris – Thank you – not sure what sort of spaghetti sauce you’re interested in, but I have my standard meat sauce here, and a basic tomato sauce here that might help. For the basic tomato sauce, you can definitely substitute canned peeled tomatoes for the fresh ones.

    honey living – Thanks for the links! I used to frequent Grand Central Market when we still lived in NYC – it was one stop from my office on the 6, so it was a convenient place to go for provisions. We even stopped there on our wedding day!

    Laura Grace – I feel your pain! I swear our eggs couldn’t get any fresher unless we raised them ourselves. But my way around it is that when we go to the market we buy 1 1/2 or 2 dozen eggs, have one that is the “fresh” carton for poaching, frying, cocktails, etc., and another that we let sit in the fridge for a week or more. Once those eggs have some age on them, we hard boil them. We just keep rotating eggs this way, boiling the older ones to eat as is, deviled, or in egg salad (a favorite breakfast on toast), and using up the fresher ones first in other applications.

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