A simple summer salad

Dinner:  July 27, 2009

A bed of arugula, black-eyed peas (previously cooked dried beans, frozen in batches and thawed as needed), barely blanched purple string beans, juicy wedges of heirloom tomato, quick pickled red onions, sherry vinaigrette and shards of parm – this is what dinner looks like when it’s too hot to cook.

Crusty bread is optional, but recommended.

6 thoughts on “A simple summer salad

  1. We’ve been opting for salads and no-cook pasta sauces now that the tomatoes are ready. Yours look heavenly… love the shards of parm.

  2. David Wright says:

    I made the squash dish from yesterdays post with boneless,skinless chicken thighs and it was great. Next time I plan to throw in some shrimp about the same time as the corn instead of any chicken. Love your pictures also.

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Robin, I brought home the most amazing little heirlooms home from Boston tonight, and if I didn’t already have tonight’s meal planned, they would totally be going into a raw pasta sauce 🙂

    David – Thank you! I love the shrimp variation – nice and light, a great substitution.

    Daja – It was so humid a salad was just the thing, and not having to turn the stove on for any length of time was fabulous!

    maybelles mom – Thank you!

    Marie – Fabulous. My mouth is watering.

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