Big, Bright and Beautiful

Dinner:  July 14, 2009

Some nights there’s nothing better than a big platter of Nicoise-style salad, served family style. Last night’s version featured my marinated grilled red peppers and pickled red onions in addition to the standard lineup of ingredients; my writeup of a previous version is here.

my plate

Summer suppers don’t get much easier, or prettier, than this.

17 thoughts on “Big, Bright and Beautiful

  1. Oh my that looks like heaven on a plate…and the simplicity of the preparation is very appealing to me. Are the guys that look like shallots your pickled red onions? I would adore eating this salad…and i would have “help” with the tuna…and the green beans….from the feline family members.

  2. Sara says:

    This looks so amazing and delicious! You’ve inspired me to make a Nicoise tomorrow. I agree that it’s the perfect summer food, though I could happily have it for lunch every day!

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Wow, thanks so much everyone! Can you tell I’m a sucker for color?😀

    lo – We buy American Tuna:

    Lindsey and Lydia – I can’t resist purple potatoes, and the ones I’ve been getting at the Boston Public Market are particularly good.

    quiltcat – Yep, those are the onions. I scored some tiny red bulb onions with the green tops still attached a while back, and pickled them in my usual pickling brine, but with a mixture of sherry and cider vinegar. They’re so good on salads, sandwiches, or just to munch on!

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