9 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Your pictures always make me wish that I had you as a neighbor, that I could befriend and convince to have us over for dinner. That chicken looks fantastic.

  2. My responses to the most evocative photos:
    The flank steak with salsa verde, salad of blue crisped potatoes, pickled onions and creme fraiche: my god, where do you come up with these unique combinations?!? It’s like the mad genius equivalent of modern art, lol!
    I totally was going to comment on the busty heirloom tomato, but I saw someone beat me to the punch on Flcikr, and I don’t have an account on that to comment, dernit.
    “Hang on…” you’re referring to Pink Martini, right? They’re awesome. And so’re you. 🙂

  3. penguin18 says:

    Looks great, as always!

    Say, I know this isn’t a cooking forum, but if you have any ideas on this, it would be helpful (but if you don’t have time, no worries): What would you make with quinoa greens? I bought some at the farmer’s market on Thursday, and I need to use them, like, today. Nothing is really inspiring me, and I can’t find any recipes for these guys on-line. The most exciting thing I have thought of so far is to sautee them and add them to some forbidden rice (also purchased last Thursday at the farmer’s market – super excited!). By the way, I live in Denver, and am so envious of the amazing produce and local, ethical meats you can find out there in RI. We’re finally starting to embrace the local food movement here in CO, but it’s pretty slow going.

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    Sean – Thank you!

    Christine – Aw, that’s sweet 😀 We’ve got an extra seat at the table any time you’re in town!

    maybelle’s mom – Thanks!

    Margaret – Well, that potato combo was originally going to be an appetizer, with the blue potatoes made into coins and fried until crisp, and a dollop of creme fraiche and pickled onion on top – a one-bite thing with the flavors of sour cream and onion potato chips is what I was going for. The guests we thought we were going to have couldn’t make it, though, so I kept the same ingredients and switched it up slightly.

    And you’re right about the Pink Martini reference. And thank you 😀

    penguin18 – Quinoa greens! Wow, I have no idea… how would you describe them? Are they more of a tender arugula-type green or sturdy like chard?

  5. penguin18 says:

    They’re more of a tender green. Small, mild-tasting leaves with a very slight arugula aftertaste. Thanks for bringing up that arugula comparison, because I could probably use them in a similar way.

  6. Mercy says:

    Did you like the chicken technique? I just saw that on Serious Eats ( I think) and am wondering how it worked for you.

  7. still the best on the web
    for my money, anyway

    incredible food
    fucking insane…
    you amaze me girl
    it’s ALWAYS the food i want the most – by far

    still trying to win the lottery so i can hire you and mike as live-in help in my huge 5000 square foot apt in manhattan. i swear – i’ll be a dream to work for and pay huge $…

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