Dog Run

Hewtin Mobile!

Mike and I have become big fans of Hewtin’s Dogs, the hot dog cart run by Chez Pascal‘s Matt Gennuso which is stationed at Lippitt Park during the summer, and we had planned to stop by for a dog on our way home from the farmers’ market today. What we stumbled upon instead was the debut of Hewtin’s Dogs Mobile, the new kitchen on wheels which, in addition to their regular dogs and house-made toppings, features a variety of sausages and sandwiches.

Hewtin Mobile!

I ordered the house-made pork and fennel sausage, served in a soft bun topped with slaw and crispy bacon bits – some truly fabulous pork-on-pork action that brought out the best of both. Mike got the Corned Pork Butt sandwich, a fun riff on a Cuban sandwich with its pressed bun, house-made saurkraut and pickle relish, and melty Swiss cheese. Mike’s sandwich came with a scoop of creamy potato salad, studded with dill and bacon, so good we fought over the last bite.

Hewtin Mobile!

If you’re in the area, run, don’t walk, and check them out for yourself. Food from a truck never tasted so good.

(All photos in this post by Michael Dietsch – full set here.)

4 thoughts on “Dog Run

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    Marie – Oh, they were fabulous. I look forward to eating my way through their entire menu 😀

    Lydia – You’ll love it!

    ChrisG – It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! (And the cart even has a Vegan-friendly sandwich option.)

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