Summertime Stew

Dinner:  June 22, 2009

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, but the official start of Summer has arrived. Mother Nature has decided to ring in the season with a heaping helping of rain, wind, and grey skies, and I am none too pleased about it. For starters, it makes meal planning a challenge – I want to be outside, grilling something fresh and light and eating it under the stars with Mike, not rummaging through the pantry for an alternate dinner that isn’t another. damned. pasta dish.

Don’t get me wrong – I love pasta, but I was desperate last night for something, anything other than old reliable pasta, and as I stood in front of the open freezer, a plan began to form. I pulled out two little zip-top bags of previously cooked Rancho Gordo posole and some homemade red chile sauce. From the fridge, I gathered homemade stock and a big bunch of beet greens, which I stemmed, chopped and rinsed. I chopped up some red onion and a hefty amount of garlic, and sauteed them until soft before adding the chile sauce to the pan to warm. The stock went in next, then the hominy, and I brought the whole thing to a boil before reducing the heat and adding the greens. When the greens were tender, I turned off the heat, tasted it for seasoning, and brightened the flavor with the addition of plenty of fresh lime juice. To dress our plates up a little, I added shavings of a tangy sheep’s milk cheese, sliced radishes, chunks of creamy avocado, and a scattering of chopped cilantro.

And that was dinner. And it was good – better, in fact, than this mishmash of leftovers had any right to be. Take that, Mother Nature.

4 thoughts on “Summertime Stew

  1. you have the most incredible leftovers! i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and while i’m always impressed by the photography and lovely meals, it’s your freezer and pantry contents that really make me jealous. even when it has been gray for days, you have the remnants of sunny days past in your freezer. this season, while the gettin is good, i plan to be better about putting food by!

  2. neera says:

    Strangely enough, I located your posole recipe randomly last week, and have made it a couple times since – soo good! And totally perfect for the gray summer days we have been having! Also, I just got some beet greens yesterday at the market and was wondering what to do with them – posole it is!

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