The Change-Up


I had expected yesterday to be cool and rainy, so when I picked up a porterhouse from Spring Brook Farm at Thursday’s Boston Public Market, I figured we’d grill it for Friday dinner. But with no rain in sight and the evening a bit warm for the soup I had originally planned, we decided to put off Thursday’s dinner until tonight, and Mike grilled the steak instead.

grilled green garlic

I brought home more green garlic which we decided to grill as well. I rubbed one cut clove over a couple of slices of grilled sourdough from Olga’s, and then pureed the rest to make a dressing with lots of basil and fresh lemon juice.

Dinner:  June 4, 2009

We sliced up the grilled steak and served it on top of a big salad of red oak lettuce, crisp radishes and cucumbers, and chunks of tomato. I shaved shards of Gouda Pittig cheese over the top of our salads and served the grilled bread on the side.

I can’t tell you how nice it is this time of year to have a steak dinner in which the meat is more an accent than the main event – it’s a lighter way of eating we really look forward to after the long winter.

Providence-area readers, don’t forget that tomorrow is the first day of the Hope St. Farmers’ Market, which has relocated from Hope High to Lippitt Park. There will be a lot more room and plenty of new vendors (as well as returning favorites), and Mike and I plan to be there bright and early. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “The Change-Up

  1. I miss the Hope St. Farmers’ Market. When my wife and I house-sat for her parents for a summer, I used to walk down and fill up my arms with all kinds of fresh foods and flowers. And thanks for telling me about how good the Boston market is. I work down in the Seaport and since I circumvent the South Station area with my commute, I never even knew about it. Might have to take a walk at lunch time soon !

  2. That looks perfect. In steak house they serve the porterhouse sliced, lovely idea to put it over salad. I love the idea of the grilled onions in the dressing too, that is genius. I am going to try it! Gorgeous pictures too!:)

  3. oh what i would do to eat a steak like that right now…

    this salad looks absolutely devine and am sure tasted even better!
    all the ingredients i can easily get at our farmers market here in berlin… aside from the steak that is, but perhaps a switch to pork or fish would do the trick…
    thanks for the inspiration!

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