6 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Hey, where did you get the swordfish from? Don’t tell me there is still a place left in the known world where these babies can be caught without the toxic mercury build-up in big fish?
    Also, the breakfast picture- perfectly scrumptious idea. I even bought a couple ‘frukost’ wide tea cups (bowls, really) from Ikea to give myself the illusion I was drinking the cafe au lait as it is done in France for breakfast!

    • Jennifer Hess says:

      It is, but it’s the last of the corn I had frozen in September or October of last year. I figure I need to make freezer space for incoming fruits and vegetables 😀

  2. the next time you are in Boston, swing through Newton near Watertown, to DePasquale’s Sausage. It is a small place, but the sausages that they create are really top notch. They are the best sausages that I’ve bought. They have a few different types. I bought some of their “Italian Hot” sausages to cook up and sprinkle on our grilled pizzas…fantastic. Added the bite and counterbalance to the caramelized onions that it was looking for.
    While you are there, you might as well go to Russo’s basically around the corner.

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