And then…

Dinner:  May 27, 2009

And then there are weeknights when I come home, tired and achey, but too stubborn to let Mike cook, or help, or do anything more than mix us a round and keep me company while I stand at the stove. And on those nights, I turn to the familiar, the things that, while they may require a few extra pots and pans, I can almost turn out in my sleep. The chicken, mole sauce and beans were all left over from previous dinners, and last night, they got remixed into a meal of enchiladas, refried beans, and Mexican rice, as comfortable and comforting as an old sweater. Sometimes, that’s just what you need.

8 thoughts on “And then…

  1. I love when you make mexican food- my all time favorite food! The enchiladas look amazing. And, I agree. There is nothing better than comfort food. It makes everything better:-)!

  2. julia says:

    Rice and beans are always comfort food for me. You site is lovely your food is beautiful. Mole is the comfort food of all comfort foods.
    think i’m going to like it here…

  3. Cameron often says “we eat better out of the freezer than most people do on purpose” — but I think you guys are the obvious exception!

    Those look scrumptious; sorry this week is kicking your ass, but it’s ALMOST over.

  4. Living in India, I haven’t eaten a Mexican meal for months! It’s time to get creative and find substitute ingredients. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the weekend.

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