A simple Spring soup

Dinner:  May 12, 2009

I’m a big fan of soup any time of year, but there’s nothing like a light, brothy bowl of springtime veggies to take the chill off an early May evening. I tossed this together mostly from odds and ends: first, a lone leek which had been lingering in the crisper drawer, then some thinly sliced fennel stalks, both cooked with a sprinkling of salt and a knob of butter until soft. Next I added some cooked flageolet beans and their cooking liquid, plus a few additional cups of water, some sweet young carrots, and a half cup or so of carnaroli rice. While the broth bubbled and the rice plumped, I thawed some leftover cooked asparagus and peas from the freezer, adding them to the pot to just warm through. I tasted the soup for seasoning and added a few finishing touches, in the form of fresh spinach, chopped fresh tarragon, and shards of Pecorino Romano. A little toasted bread on the side (with more of that Pecorino), and we were good to go.

4 thoughts on “A simple Spring soup

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    heather – It was great for that, warm and comforting, but was, as Silke said, light enough that it still felt like a spring dish 🙂

    Silke – Thank you!

    melete – One thing I’ve learned is that leeks cooked in a bit of butter until soft, with water and salt added, turn into a really nice, light broth, which is great for soups like this. Give it a try!

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