Wading back in

We got back to Providence on Sunday evening, but since I had made a point to use up most of our fresh food before our trip, and since we weren’t around for Saturday’s farmers’ market, we had to make a quick trip to Whole Foods for provisions. I’ve gotten so used to buying the majority of our food at the farmers’ market that I was a little frazzled when we got to the store, but the seafood counter saved the day. I grabbed some sardines for Sunday night’s dinner, and a beautiful whole trout for Monday.

Dinner:  May 10, 2009

We had hoped to grill the sardines on Sunday night but it was a bit too chilly out, so after Mike cleaned them, I dipped them in a little bit of seasoned flour and fried them. I made a quick stew of fennel and tomatoes, one of my favorite partners for fish of any kind, and our Sunday supper was complete.

fiddleheads and chanterelles

Monday’s trout dinner was equally simple: our butterflied trout went into a grill basket rubbed with salt and a bit of olive oil, and Mike took care of cooking it while I worked on sides.

Dinner:  May 11, 2009

I had spotted some Massachusetts fiddleheads at the store, which I snapped up along with a few gorgeous chanterelles. I sauteed them in butter with thinly sliced spring onion until the mushrooms were a bit caramelized and the fiddleheads were tender, then I spooned them onto our plates with the grilled trout and some boiled, smashed new potatoes. I finished the fish with a spritz of fresh lemon juice and some thin slices of the bright green onion tips, and simple as that, dinner was served.

12 thoughts on “Wading back in

  1. Jen,
    I finally tried fiddleheads this week…..very nice, but I will stick with asparagus! I wasn’t sure what they were supposed to taste like….I think I got nervous and couldn’t enjoy them because I read that there was some toxicity in them if not cooked fully.
    I wish I didn’t know these things! It kept me from enjoying them fully!

  2. That just makes my mouth water! I haven’t been able to find fiddleheads yet here in Savannah, but I keep looking. 🙂 Silke

  3. Mmmm…

    Tell you what, once the weather warms up, there’s nothing like a lovely whole trout. I mean, I’d eat salmon twice a week I love it so much, but the delicate flavor of trout is something that says summer to me. Dunno, maybe it’s fishing trips? Something.

    I linked here from chowhound a few days ago, in response to someone asking about how to use sorrel — your pesto popped to mind and I couldn’t resist sending more folks to my favorite foodie joint. 😉

  4. I completely failed at making fiddleheads this past week. Your process sounds pretty tasty though. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get another chance to try them in Virginia. One day! 🙂

  5. Carishma says:

    I’ve never had fiddleheads before, but we find a lot of chanterelles when we go mushroom hunting here! The trout looks delicious.

  6. am says:

    i don’t think market fiddleheads are toxic, as non-toxic as any food can be. this could be a concern unknowingly picking them in the wild, but i think the right ones are fine to cook as little or as much as you like. does any one know anything to the contrary?

  7. samantha from maine says:

    I usually boil my fiddleheads in water for about 5-7 minutes, drain and butter them (using Kate’s homemade butter – absolutely the best) and toss with just a bit of apple cider vinegar. Yum yum yum!
    Your beautiful pictures are an inspiration. 🙂

  8. Foins are poisonous when unfurled and grown up. Fiddleheads are always edible, no matter where or what.

    Jen, you have a way with the feesh. An art. Lovely, lovely food.

  9. Those fiddle heads are to die for! I want them now:) My neighbor has some in her garden, but I haven’t seen any at Whole Foods. I need to get my butt to the farmers market!

  10. Jennifer Hess says:

    Stacey – honestly, I don’t think they taste terribly different than asparagus, mostly I love them because they look cook 😀

    Silke – Hm, I’m wondering if the season started earlier down there? Do keep looking, though!

    Laura Grace – Trout is the reason I want to learn to fish. 😀 And thank you for the link-out!

    Amanda – I can’t think of many vegetables that *don’t* taste good sauteed with a little butter 😉

    Carishma – Thank you! I am envious of your mushroom-hunting. Someday…

    am – I hadn’t heard of them being toxic either, but who knows. 🙂

    samantha – Oh, that sounds great, and you know I love my vinegar!

    Marie – I do love my feeshes 😀 (and as an aside, I am woefully behind on the internets – I think I have about 15 of your posts marked to read later. You’re prolific!)

    Anticiplate – Hurry! The season is short! 😀

  11. lady d says:

    yes, you should cook fiddleheads at least a little! from about.com: “Fiddleheads should be at least lightly cooked (some authorities recommend they be completely cooked). Raw fiddleheads can carry food-borne illness and/or cause stomach upset if eaten in large quantities.” i haven’t seen them yet in the farmer’s market i go to weekly here in SF, but the change in the seasons has been a bit messed up here this year… gorgeous fotos, btw!

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