Bread Gone Wild

I’m a little obsessed with bread salads.

durum round

A summertime panzanella with ripe, juicy garden tomatoes is truly a thing of beauty, and I think I like the Zuni Café bread salad Mike makes even more than I like the accompanying chicken. Bread salads are so easy to make, so inexpensive, and so versatile that I’m a little surprised that they’re not a year-round, go-to meal.


At least in this household, that’s going to change.

wild rocket

Last night’s version of bread salad was full of wild springtime edibles: some of the ramps Mike brought back from his recent trip to NYC, separated and sautéed in a little olive oil, cubes of Seven Stars durum round added to the oniony oil and toasted until crisp and golden, some fiddleheads from Saturday’s farmers’ market trip, also sautéed just until they turned bright green, and a generous amount of wild rocket, which also made the trip from New York, and which was tossed raw with the warm bread cubes and other veggies.

Dinner:  May 4, 2009

I dressed everything with my standard Sherry vinaigrette, and topped our plates with toasted pine nuts and shards of Rudie’s Romano, a raw goat milk cheese from Meadow Stone Farm. This was a great combination of flavors and textures, and a fun way to turn a salad into a substantial meal.

10 thoughts on “Bread Gone Wild

  1. Wow! I just had a delicious dinner myself, but your salad makes me hungry again all over!! Looks incredible! 🙂 Silke

  2. you’re so right – my sister made a bread salad this week with goat cheese, onions, spinach, and tuna and i couldn’t stop eating it!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Jen–I adore bread salads. I have no idea why I don’t make them more often. I had a spectacular one at Oleanna last week. As usual, your pictures are an inspiration to start exploring these salads on my own.

  4. That bread looked amazing– and the salad looked even better! I can’t wait to try my hand at a bread salad! Thanks for the idea.

  5. This looks divine!! I eat a lot of salads, especially during the summer, though I tend to eat them fresh – I never thought of sauteing and roasting or adding bread, in fact…. Thanks for the new perspective – I will be exploring it very soon.

  6. I am a HUGE bread salad fan and must try this one. Also, I LOVE your BLOG! I just found it this morning and am bookmarking it ASAP. Beautiful.

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