Big Pimpin’

Beefeater 24

Just a couple quick announcements – first, if you’re the tippling type, why not head on over to the bar at the Mixoloseum and check out Thursday Drink Night tonight? Tonight’s theme is Beefeater 24, and a live gathering will be taking place at the Quarter Bar in NYC. Some guy named Dietsch will be there, so I plan to join the chat and heckle him while finishing off his sample bottles. (Just kidding, honey. Sorta.) Log in to the chat at and raise a glass with us!

And lest my husband have all the fun, I’m happy to announce that next Wednesday, May 6th, I’ll be the guest of my good friend, the lovely and talented Jen Huntley-Corbin on her weekly radio show, Jen’s Dish. Tune in to AM 1380 if you’re local, or listen online at WNRI.COM – we’ll be on the air from 9:05-10 a.m. My college radio days are long past, but hopefully I won’t sound like a complete dork.

8 thoughts on “Big Pimpin’

  1. Congrats that is so cool! I love cooking radio shows, they are better almost then tv shows because they are like a great story.

  2. Neera says:

    Oh wow, so cool! Congrats to both of you… if you’re in town and have time (I know how busy it can be) we -and the kitties would love to see you!

  3. Rats. I knew I should have read this post earlier. Was saving it. No gin. Sigh.

    Congratulations on the interview! So much better for us non TV people.

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    Neera, when I took the AirTrain to Jamaica yesterday, I briefly thought about taking the J train instead of LIRR. And by “briefly,” I mean, “for about 15 seconds.”

  5. I made your Presto Pesto and it was as delicious as advertised. I was disappointed, however, with the selection of local ingredients at the Whole Foods on Waterman. The only sorrel was from San Francisco, and they were out of Divine Providence!


  6. Karen (georgieporger) says:

    …and thanks for the recc’s for restaurants in Boston.
    Love your site…..

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