Presto Pesto

Dinner:  April 27, 2009

This meal was nothing fancy – honestly, the pasta was primarily a vehicle for another batch of bright and zingy sorrel pesto. I made the sorrel pesto without pine nuts this time, instead tossing a bunch of chopped hazelnuts into the pasta when I tossed it to provide a little crunch.

Also in the mix: thin stalks of fresh, local asparagus, which I chopped into short little bits and tossed, raw, into the hot pasta, some tiny peas from the freezer, and a light dusting of finely grated Divine Providence. This pasta was simple, satisfying, and full of the flavors of springtime.

2 thoughts on “Presto Pesto

  1. Although you may say the pasta isn’t very fancy, it looks gorgeous and absolutely delicious! What a fantastic way to have a quick, weekday meal

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks, Sean! This is one of my favorite quick weeknight meal templates, for sure. So happy to have more little veggies at the farmers’ market to work with😀

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