6 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Rebecca Wolfe says:

    Scrumptious photos. I made a clam, potato and parsley stew a couple of weeks ago. As always, yours puts mine to shame…Will have to try the paprika next time. Also, I still can’t believe that Providence can manage to have a farmers’ market most of the year. In Boston/Cambridge, we’re farmer marketless from Thanksgiving to mid-May.

  2. Laurie says:

    We pick our own wild asparagus where there is plenty by an old cemetery down an unmaintained gravel road. Doesn’t that sound fun in itself!? We have close to a month before we’ll be picking in Mn. 😦 Seeing your pictures makes me excited about it! That egg/asparagus picture is divine!!

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Marie – We just need to get together, and I will happily make both for you. 😀

    Jacqui – I could seriously eat it every meal, every day, all this week. But I’m trying to show a little restraint!

    Amy – I am beyond excited about local seafood season kicking into gear around these parts. And the smoked paprika is something I wish I had learned about long ago – it has become one of my most favorite seasonings 🙂

    Rebecca – We are truly privileged. The folks at Farm Fresh RI have done amazing work to give us a year-round market. I only know a tiny bit of what is involved, but man, do we appreciate all they have done to bring our state’s local bounty to us, every weekend, under one roof. Heroic work, that, and something I hope becomes the rule, rather than the exception, all over the place.

    Laurie – Wild asparagus! Amazing!

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