Buttered up

Dinner:  April 21, 2009

Mike picked up Jennifer McLagan‘s book Fat late last year, and her butter chicken is one of those recipes he keeps going back to. Instead of the regular butter added called for at the end of cooking in the original recipe, he substituted the remaining cilantro-lime butter I made for last weekend’s grouper, and we liked the variation so much I think we’re just going to plan to make a compound butter to use in future versions of the dish. Really, the only issue we have with the recipe is that we’d like more sauce, so I think going forward, we’ll make the full recipe of sauce for half as much chicken. At any rate, this is a keeper.

6 thoughts on “Buttered up

  1. Cilantro-lime butter… Now I know what to do with my soon-to-be-expired cilantro! Awesome 🙂

    I can’t get my husband to touch anything even remotely Indian for food. Sigh.

  2. I’m so happy to see this post. I got a copy for the holidays and I’ve leafed through it many times but still haven’t tried any of the recipes. Thanks for the much needed nudge.

  3. I found your blog recently and placed it in my cooking favorites. Your pictures and descriptions are wonderful. You have inspired me to try new things and enjoy the cooking process. I usually have more time to cook in the summer so I will be stopping in more often for ideas. So, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the great blog!!

  4. Hi Jennifer, you’ve been doing much wonderful cooking lately — I love to check in because you always inspire me. Anyway, glad to see you and Mike like “Fat” and it’s gratifying to see it racking up so many awards. It was my absolutely favorite new cookbook of last year and every single recipe I’ve tried in it has been a home run. I also love how she reassured me about the health benefits of duck fat. Okay, in moderation, but still…. Kate

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Marie – I had great material to work with 😀 Mike really did a wonderful rendition of this.

    Tatiana – Seriously, this is like a gateway dish – not like a heavy curry or anything, so if you don’t tell your husband, maybe it will go over well?

    marcyinnyc – Mike has done this twice, and it is really great. Definitely recommended!

    Laurie – Thank you and welcome! We are getting into my favorite time of the year to cook and eat here in RI.

    Kate – Thank you, and the inspiration goes both ways! I still look forward to The City Cook newsletter landing in my inbox each week 🙂 Fat is really an excellent book, and we are also really happy to see it getting as much attention and praise as it merits.

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