14 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Pea greens soup + lobster = spring in a bowl. So beautiful. Winter is trying to dig its claws in for one last week here, so some pho is right at the top of my list. Thanks – yet again! – for the inspiration.

  2. alice says:

    That pho looks straight outta saigon! yow! Great to see you continually exploring Asian cookery!

  3. emily says:

    Did you make the Pho? I can never get the broth as intensely flavorful as it is at our local Vietnamese restaurant. Any tips?

  4. Them’s some serious-looking steaks and, as said above, a lobster of great gravitas.

    Love the idea of pea-shoot soup. I take it it’s a similar recipe to watercress soup?

    The problem with pho is that it’s difficult to find an authentic recipe. If you’re not careful, you just end up with faux pho.

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks, everyone! The pho is *not* my work – I wouldn’t even begin to attempt it, too intimidating! We (gasp!) went out to lunch at a place called Phonatic on College Hill. It was FANTASTIC.

  6. Sally says:

    Please, tell me: is that a polenta concoction in one of your pictures? you cook it in a cast iron pan, it seems.

    Everything had me drooling, by the way


  7. SallyBR says:

    Ah, I see!

    I thought that was made with the yellow disk of dough that is shows a couple of pictures up –

    Your baked mac and cheese has me drooling all over the keyboard again!

  8. Jennifer Hess says:

    That’s actually not dough, it’s homemade butter, just before I cut in some flaky sea salt 🙂

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