Weekend Eats (and Drinks)


Every so often, we let someone else do the cooking.

We got a fun surprise at the end of our meal, which Mike brought home to play with. But I’ll let him tell you about that.

Dinner:  February 7, 2009

What’s this? Another roast chicken? Why yes. I did switch up our sides, though, serving this week’s bird with a lemony farro salad, and lots of green leafies from Simmons Farm.

We continued our egg tasting with these beauties from Zephyr Farm.

Sunday breakfast at home

They’re lovely and delicious, especially with my latest addiction, salsa from Poblano Farm.

snack time

Another addiction: marinated white anchovies. These little ones from The Cutest Fish Market Ever are the best we’ve had.

After our snack break, it was time to get started on dinner.

Dinner:  February 8, 2009

This was another “clean out the cheese drawer” special, featuring a variety of cheeses from Farmstead and Narragansett Creamery. It’s different every time, and this might have been one of my favorite versions yet.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    claudia – as always, you’re my biggest fan. 😀

    Margaret – thanks! It’s mac and cheese – one of my favorite comfort food dinners.

    Jessamyn – eep – you can’t get them in your area? Maybe I should mail you some. 😀

    Marie – you bet! There’s a link up now.

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