More Eating than Cooking

I have this really bad habit of, when I’m feeling particularly good, overextending myself to the point of exhaustion. I mean, what’s a little walk in several inches of snow, up steep hills, carrying heavy bags of food around, anyway? I’ll tell you what it is: ill-advised. It caught up with me midweek, so Mike has been on dinner duty since then. Here’s what he fed us:

Dinner:  January 7, 2009

On Wednesday night, he seasoned these baby back ribs from Pat with a dry rub overnight, then braised them with cabbage and apples in local hard cider until they were falling-apart tender. Delicious.


Dinner:  January 8, 2009

There’s this cast iron skillet pizza thing going around the internets lately. We had some on Thursday, and it was good as ever. (In fact, I think we’ll have leftovers for lunch.)

Finally, on Friday he put together one of our standards – a steakhouse supper at home. Ice cold martinis, beautifully seared grass-fed ribeye served on a bed of spinach, which it wilted with its juices, and salt-crusted baked potatoes. We topped our steaks with a little crumbly Great Hill Blue and horseradish creme fraiche. Yum.

I’m hoping to keep things low-key this weekend, rest up and get to feeling better. See you all next week!

6 thoughts on “More Eating than Cooking

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Jen! Looks like Mike’s doing a very good job of keeping you well fed. I’ve had a rotten cold since last Saturday and have mostly been subsisting on store bought soup.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Jennifer. Longtime lurker. I just want to say how much I love your site. You guys like the same type of food we like…I have gotten lots of receipes. And the pictures are beautiful. One reading the instructions for the skillet pizza…should the skillet be hot when you add the dough? Sorta warmish after cooking the sausage? Thanks again.

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