A Very Rhody Christmas

Dinner:  December 24, 2008

Okay, so this was Christmas Eve dinner, and not at all what I had planned, but it was very, very good. Mike has requested that lobster alfredo become our new Christmas Eve tradition. I make the easiest alfredo sauce ever (a stick of butter, a cup of heavy cream, and a cup of grated parm, cooked until reduced and thickened), so as long as we can get great local lobster like this, I’m happy to oblige.

bagels + bloodies

Speaking of tradition, we started this one in our New York days. Not quite the same as New York bagels, but these bagels from Olga’s are pretty darned tasty, and my home-cured salmon was delicious.

milk + cookie

So you know the Toll House cookie recipe on the package of chocolate chips? My mom makes that recipe every year, and she swears she follows it to the letter, but somehow her version just tastes better than any other I’ve tasted. (Others agree – at times she has made hundreds and hundreds just to satisfy demand.) We took a break mid-dinner prep for cookies, and I washed mine down with a little shot of Rhody Fresh milk.

mise for Mike's bearnaise

anchovy deviled eggs

tapenade toasts

With our prep finished, it was time to sit and snack before putting the finishing touches on our meal.

Dinner:  December 25, 2008

our wine with dinner

Dinner:  December 25, 2008

We didn’t go all out this year as we have in years past, but I think we enjoyed ourselves more. Everything was delicious, and I felt really proud to have sourced so much from the farmers’ market (click on the photos for more detail). We are truly lucky to have landed here.

10 thoughts on “A Very Rhody Christmas

  1. angela says:

    RE: chocolate chip cookies
    Making the dough ahead of time and letting it chill for a day or two helps, as well as a very light sprinkling of flaked salt right before they go into the oven.


    “‘At Toll House, we chill this dough overnight,’ Ruth Wakefield, founder of Toll House, wrote in her ‘Toll House Cook Book’ (Little, Brown, 1953). This crucial bit of information is left out of the version of her recipe that Nestlé printed on the back of its baking bars and, since in 1939, on bags of its chocolate morsels.”

  2. Marcos Castrillon says:

    Lobster and pasta? Now that’s decadent. 🙂
    It looks delicious, as ever
    I was *this* close to buy one for Christmas Eve. It was a monstruous 2.5 kg beast, quite cheap at 50€. Sadly, I lack a pot big enough to cook it.
    That yellow stuff in the bottom picture is polenta, right?

  3. That lobster alfredo looks so amazing. I’ll be attempting it for sure!
    In fact, everything looks fantastic, as usual!

    My mom’s Tollhouse cookies always came out better than anyone else’s too, for some reason. I was just talking about them the other day.

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    joan – Thanks! All the best to you as well!

    angela – I’ll have to pass that info along to my mom – thank you! I love the idea of finishing them with a sprinkle of salt.

    Marcos – Thanks! The yellow stuff under the steak is a bearnaise sauce Mike made – incredibly tasty, and super golden from our good Wishing Stone egg yolks. 😀

    Steph – thank you! The alfredo turned out really, really well, and if you get a female lobster, definitely use the roe. It’s pretty and adds such a nice flavor.

    claudia – Thanks, sweetie. Thinking of you. xo

  5. Oh that lobster! It looks so decadent, not to mention delicious! I cna feel a new tradtion of my own coming after seeing that dish. I may have to welcome in the new year with it 🙂

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