Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

Wishing Stone Farm goodies

It was a weekend of firsts.

The first week of the second annual Wintertime Farmers’ Market (see our spoils here)…

Dinner:  December 6, 2008

Mike’s first cast iron skillet pizza of the season (complete with homemade Italian sausage), and…

first snow

the first snowfall.


What a perfect opportunity to fortify ourselves with a hearty breakfast and a Bloody Mary or two before reorganizing the pantry and settling in to cook some good, hearty fare.

egg noodles

Dinner:  December 7, 2008

Here’s to another good weekend.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. That was worth the wait, yum. Great looking pizza. Yet another use for the cast iron pan…can’t wait to try it. Short ribs, one of my favourites.

  2. What a bounty! Just got back from Umbria where we took a cooking class and made egg noodles. Hard work. The recipe we used was 1:1 between eggs and 100g of flour (farina).

  3. Great bounty shot from the farmer’s market. I’ll have to try the pizza but first the recipe that brought me here, butter poached lobster. That will be on the Christmas Eve dinner list which is always lobster just different variations.

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